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Static Stabilizer

Static Stabilizer

Static Stabilizer

Approx. Rs 2.2 Lakh / Number

Indoor Power Line Conditioners are used to operate and protect your sensitive machinery. These are highly standardized for performance consistency and fast delivery and provide very high quality of power to your sensitive machines. This contributes to enhanced operation, improved performance and extended operating life of your machines. These conditioners are the ultimate solution to your power quality problems.


Instantaneous Correction outstanding voltage regulation

Inbuilt surge, spike, noise filter

Compatible with all loads as it does not switch any components in the power path

Energy efficient replacement for energy guzzling CVT

It’s ultra-low impedance assures stability even with the most demanding load

Aesthetic design

Compact size

Low weight

Quiet operation

Solid state, maintenance free

Built in auto - bypass. Surge, spike, noise control continues even in bypass mode

Standard 3-phase units are available in 4 different fluctuation ranges as below :

+ 12% + 13% range is sufficient for most industries located in industrial zone

+ 20% range is sufficient for small industries located outside industrial zones, having poor power supply

+ 26% range is for those rare locations which suffer from severe power quality issues.

Standard single-phase units are available in standard +20% fluctuation range as below :

+ 20% range is sufficient for most applications on single phase loads.

Static Stabilizer

Static Stabilizer

Approx. Rs 1 Lakh / Number

High precision static voltage regulators (VRP series) have outstanding voltage regulation under widely fluctuating input power. They are easy to install in any environment and have low weight with high efficiency. These regulators are compatible with all loads as they do not switch any components in power path and are used in various outdoor applications such as telecommunication, surveillance, mobile vans, residential commercial complexes.


Static Voltage Stabilizer

Static Voltage Stabilizer

Approx. Rs 96,000 / Number

The static stabilizer offers a reasonable improvement on slow servo controlled stabilizer as well as other static tap changing stabilizers. This technology does not cause di/dt problems as it does not switch the power path. The basic topology is with buck-boost transformer with high primary to secondary ratio for voltage correction of ± 25%. The control voltage is imposed on the primary of this buck-boost transformer. The voltage regulation with help of buck and boost topology is achieved electronically without the step changes in voltage that occur when the system regulates. This task is accomplished through a feedback and a control system implemented by using a microcontroller. The system uses IGBTs as power switches. Direct AC-AC converter circuit improve the overall system response and fast voltage correction. No storage capacitor increase life of the system. 20Khz PWM control operation using high end dsPIC controller to achieve correction time of 1 to 1.5 cycle. Excellent performance in voltage sensitive application.
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