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Solar Pump Controller

Solar AC Pump Controller

Solar AC Pump Controller

Approx. Rs 2.85 Lakh / Number

Special Attraction of our Solar AC Water pumping system:
Component of Solar AC Water pumping system: 

: For best Competitive Solution for your required solar water pumping system following details should be given.

Solar PV Array
It consists of an array of solar panels connected in series and parallel combination to achieve the desired voltage and current necessary to drive the ac pump. The power rating of the solar array will be suitable to the design of the pump. Conventional AC 3 phase motor & pumpAc pumps are conventional pumps that are currently in use across the world for various applications. Currently these pumps run on ac power from the grid (batter overall efficiency of the pumpset will lead to reduce the number of solar panel) Solar AC pump controller with inbuilt MPPT function (Solar AC pump inverter)A transformer less inverter system, 415 VAC 3-phase output voltage and V/F Control to manage pump starting condition (Soft Start). The equipment is micro controller based and operated with software for digital control of inverter parameters, fault finding diagnostics and digital I/O signalling. With the inbuilt MPPT (maximum power point tracking) function, it regulates the output frequency according to irradiation in real time to achieve the maximum power. Adopting the proposed dynamic VI maximum power point tracking (MPPT) control method, fast response and stable operation can be possible, better than the conventional methods, it can overcome the problems including poor tracking performance, unstable or even cause water hammer damaging when the irradiation on the array changes rapidly. Mounting Structure Galvanized iron dual axis manual tracking structure will ensure the long time hassle free operation. Optionally we will provide auto tracking or fix tilt tracking. Accessories HDPE/GI ISI Standard Pipe for Higher Strength and easy installation with higher life expectation. ISI standard copper cable to ensure fire proof operation.

Additional Information:

Solar Pump Inverters

Solar Pump Inverters

Approx. Rs 42,000 / Number

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Download PDF.


Additional Information:

Solar Pumping System

Solar Pumping System

Approx. Rs 3.6 Lakh / Number

SAKTHI Solar Pumping Systems are easy-to-deploy in a shadow free space, in any remote locations, village & rural areas, new construction sites where there is no grid power at all or with the availability of limited grid power. Solar Power is also an alternate source of energy to power the existing pumps & save millions of units from the grid in a clean, green and efficient way.??SAKTHI ELECTRICAL CONTROL., a leader in providing complete pumping solutions has been setting high standards in the pumping industry for the past 5 decades. With its world-class production facilities with a capacity of producing more than 1 million pumps per annum, being supplied in India and exported to more than 100 countries, World-Wide. SAKTHI SOLAR Pumps had earned several accolades for its accomplishments and has been pumping trust to customers through its ethos of Commitment, Reliability and Innovation for it???s products and services.

Solar Motor Controller

Solar Motor Controller

Approx. Rs 35,000 / Number

Product Description: Solar water pumping system is constructed with solar panel array,solar pump inverter and AC water pump, DC current produced from solar panel will be delivered to solar pump inverter,and it will convert it into AC current to drive water pump,and will automatically regulate output frequency according to sun radiance intensity,maximally realize MPPT tracking function.Product FeaturesAdopting the proposed dynamic VI maximum power point tracking (MPPT) control method, with fast response, and reliable operation, achieves efficiency of 99%.Designed with variable frequency driver, greatly improves efficiencyExtremely high efficiencyDigital mode control, with automatic operation and manual operation mode optionsComplete protection functionsAdopts intelligent IPM module, with high reliabilityLCD display and operation panel, in real time presents operating dataOptional for water level measurement and control circuitApplicable for general ACC pumps, like centrifugal pump, piston pump etc.Independent intellectual property; Highly effective, the redundant reliability, exempts the maintenance and the long life.The pumps are soft started, fully protected.


Max. input voltage450V- 750V DC

MPPT voltage range500-650V DC

Recommend input work voltage500V DC

Max. input current10A

Max. MPPT efficiency99%

Rated output voltage415Vac 3phase

Output frequency050/60Hz

Max. system efficiency98%

Operating temperature range-25 60

Cooling methodNatural cooling air cooling


Altitude3000m; 3000m; above 3000m need derate power

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