Lighting Energy Savers

Industrial Energy Savers

Approx Price: Rs 40,000
Industrial Energy Savers
We offer wide range of Energy Savers for Industrial Lighting Technology.

  • Guaranteed Savings Around 25 % in Lighting Load (Savings depends on the input voltage).
  • Extends the Life span of luminaries & Chokes.
  • Improves Power factor.
  • Safe guards circuits from high voltage.
  • Maintenance Free life of over 15 Years.
  • Highest return on investment, hence payback would be as low as 6 to 9 months, based on usage.
  • 100 % value depreciable under income tax rules.

Energy Savers for Industrial Lighting technology:
  • We install a panel board near to the lighting D.B in series with it, with Direct and Saver mode options (Change over Switch).
  • We use Tyrroidal (Circular) high efficient transformers, (core imported ), Efficiency 99.9%,i.e. no load consumption is absolutely zero.
  • Generally maintained voltage in any plant, is 415V in 3 phase or 240V in single phase, which is very good voltage for motors, not for lighting load. At 240V, high heating occurs and life of luminaries and chokes decreases. With our high efficient transformers, we maintain the optimum voltage for lighting load,i.e, around 215V instead of 240V. Thus 25 % savings occurs practically, in addition to this, life of luminaries and chokes gets improved, Since they work at cool environment and yearly maintenance of luminaries comes down. ( Heat Generated = I² x R x t Joules, since V = IR, if V is optimized, I reduces and automatically heat generated will be reduced, lesser the heat longer the life. )
    • In addition, we incorporate APFC (Automatic Power Factor Controller) unit, with contactors and capacitor
      bank to maintain the power factor 0.99 absolutely. A.P.F.C will be incorporated from 75 KVA onwards, and for smaller systems, suitable capacitor bank will be installed.
    • And eventually, we assure you around 25% savings practically.
    • In general, our high efficient transformers life will be more than 20 years with out any maintenance.


    Additional advantage with Energy Saver:
    • In addition to the monitory savings, life of lights and chokes gets improved, thus monthly replacement of lights and chokes comes down. Suppose if there is Rs 5, 000 / month expenditure for replacement of lights and chokes, it will be around Rs 60, 000/ year. This cost can be avoided, and which can also be considered While calculating the pay back period.


    Required details from the customers:
    S. No.DescriptionRequired details
    1.Full load Amps in lighting D.B only




    2.Voltage in each phase on full load condition (PH to N) (lighting D.B)







    Rate per unit payable to Govt. (Rs 4.5 or Rs 5) (lighting D.B)Rs.




    No of units consumed per day/ month (KWH) (lighting D.B)Units:
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