Electroplating Rectifiers

Industrial Rectifier

Approx Price: Rs 50,000 / onwards 
Brief Specifications:

  • Input Voltage: 380 - 440 Volts, 3-Phase 50Hz. AC supply
  • Output Voltage: Fixed Rated maximum DC voltage or variable from zero to maximum rated voltage.
  • Output Current: Rated maximum DC current
  • Temperature Rise: Less then 35oC above ambient at the top of the oil.
  • Efficiency : 12V Rect - 82%, 24V Rect - 90%, 100V Rect - 94%, 200V Rect-96% More than 250V Rect-More than 97%
  • Ripple Content: Less than 5%
  • Insulation: ‘A’ class for oil cooled.

Salient Features:

Rectifier equipments are wound with electrolytic prime grade copper strip to minimize power losses, in comparison to aluminum conductor used by many other manufacturers. Our equipments are designed liberally as per capacity and are Ideally suitable for marginal over loading conditions.

We use vertical rolling contact type voltage regulator wound with heavy section of copper strips suitable for 100% continuous duty cycle or industrial applications, in comparison to conventional wire wound regulators used by other manufacturers. The carbon rollers move on both sides of the winding.

Silicon diodes are tested in-house, similar PIV batch and same forward drop diodes are used in the equipment for equal load sharing and reducing the power losses of diodes.

We use imported CRGO lamination core which have minimum power losses and results in better efficiency of equipment and saving in energy bill.

We are painting the equipment with Epoxy paint which is resistant to acidic environment of plating process and enhance the life of the equipment by preventing it from corrosion.

We use reputed make AE/RISHAB make DC meters only which are very accurate and durable.

We offer CVC Electronic attachment with rectifier equipments, which will maintain constant Output Voltage or current as per setting automatically irrespective of input voltage variation.

Sakthi’s have maintained enviable reputation in market in after sales service. This fact can be verified from any of our customers.

Sine Wave Inverter

Approx Price: Rs 4,500 / No 

1650VA Sine Wave inverter

12Volt System
Warranty : 2Years
Salient Features

MICRO CONTROLLER/DSC BASED Gen-Next UPS 24X7are based on Hybrid Technology which is a combination of Digital and Sinewave Technologies for Better Performance and High Reliability. The Hybrid Technology used ensures noiseless performance, Quick Charging, More Load, Longer Battery Life and Longer Backups.

Hybrid Technology for Noiseless and Better Performance. You get longer backups & increased life of battery.
Battery type (Branded/Local/Tubular) selection mode switch, suitable to work with equal performance with all type of available batteries.
Charging current selection switch for Standard (10MP) & Fast Charging (14MP), which keeps the battery ready for frequent emergencies.

IBGM Technology - Increases Battery Life and Performance by maintaining correct battery gravity.
Unique USS (Ultra Sonic Switching) - This technology ensures absolute Silent Operations to give you complete peace of mind.
Pure and stable Sinewave Output with very Low THD, under all battery and load conditions.
Digital Signal Controller (DSC) Based Intelligent Control Hybrid Design
PWM Controlled multistage ATM (Automatic Trickle Mode) Charging
Display Indications (Status & Fault)
Smart Overload Sense and Short Circuit Protection
Easily Serviceable
Auto Reset Feature
In-built Bypass Switch - This additional bypass switch enables you to isolate your UPS from mains, whwnever needed.
Slide switch to select float charging voltage
Mains Input Voltage Range Selection
Quick Charging Option

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